Panasonic NS700 Installation on 68 Year Old Superyacht in Italy

Our team here at GH Services are specialists in telecommunication technology, our passionate team of engineering staff have over 40+ years of experience and a real desire to provide a bespoke service alongside a high level of professionalism in every area possible.

As a company, we have been given the wonderful opportunity to work on a 68-year-old super yacht. Powered by the sheer force of 2 original Sherman tank engines, this beautiful piece of engineering is a real sight to behold and as a company we hope to offer our services to only improve on such a wonderful piece of history.

Our main focus is to securely install Panasonic NS700 telephone system for both incoming and outgoing communications & to integrate CCTV and AV systems for monitoring and security purposes. Other than this we will work to enable 4G connectivity to ensure quick and streamlined internet access – as the flooring is metal, we will provide multiple WIFI access points spanning the entirety of the yacht.

During the installation, we will be using specialist cables fit for the purpose of being on a boat. These will contain x2 CAT6 cables, x1 CAT5 & x2 COAX cables alongside very competent and capable hands being used to fix them into place. As a team, we are incredibly excited about this commission and we cannot wait to get our hands on this project.