Public Wifi Hotspot Systems

GH Services offer cost effective Wi-Fi Hotspot solutions to any size of organisation- from a local cafe or bar to larger projects such as hotels or holiday parks.

Our system is easy to run and includes one of the most advanced online management systems available on the market today, which gives you full control and the flexibility to offer your customers a free or fee Hotspot system.

The benefits of offering a free Wi-Fi Hotspot

Huge names such as McDonalds and Starbucks certainly appreciate the value of having a Wi-Fi Hotspot installed at every one of their sites- they know it boosts visitor numbers and keeps them in-store longer, which ultimately results in more revenue!

Customers now expect connection at all times. We now live in the digital age and having access to emails or social media is rapidly becoming essential for 21st century consumers. Give your business the edge, drive more footfall through your doors and provide your customers with a real incentive to spend more time and money in your premises. Make a Wi-Fi Hotspot work for your business.

The benefits of offering a pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you are the owner of a hotel or a members club, a Wi-Fi Hotspot is a fantastic way of generating more revenue. Customers expect Internet access in these establishments nowadays and are willing to pay for it. Large hotel chains have capitalised on the growing demand for Wi-Fi connection and many independently owned hotels and members clubs are starting to offer this money-spinning service. We provide a fully branded Wi-Fi Hotspot that charges the user by the hour, day or week for access. This is much cheaper option than the expensive roaming data charges for your customer, and a great new service for your business!