Surpasses Our Expectations In Ways Better Than We Could Have Hoped.

We first became associated with Glen in 1993 when he worked with a Disco called CSR Roadshow Services Fast forward 19 years and we had lost touch until he installed a new telecom system for us back in 2012. Due to our remote countryside location we had experienced years of endless communication problems that affected the daily running of the business.

We were so impressed with Glen’s can-do attitude and his ability to overcome any problem we decided to task him with a long wish list in an effort to bring us into the 21st Century after years of failed technology advances; from an expensive but ineffective CCTV system to the inability to transfer telephone calls successfully, Glen and his professional team have not only remedied all of our previous problems, but, surpassed our expectations in ways better than we could have hoped.

Glen is an optimistic, energetic personality for whom no job is to big. He has regularly attended to our needs at the drop of a hat and has proved to be completely reliable and trustworthy. So much so, that he carried out what was for us, a large job without a quote prior to the work commencing.

We are thoroughly delighted with Glen has done for us and can most definitely say we have received value for money. We truly feel that Glen has become a member of our extended team and we look forward to working with him in the future.