VOIP Telephone Systems

With the power of the internet VOIP business telephone systems / Cloud based telephone systems are becoming ever more popular, GH Services are specialists in the supply and installation of some of the best VOIP systems on the market. With our VOIP systems you can fully control fixed and mobile telephony for you entire business through a simple to use web portal, there is really so much more flexibility compared to non VOIP systems.

The other major advantage is the cost per calls, at GH Services we have great deals on calls for our VOIP systems and I think you will be amazed at the costs that can be cut by swapping to VOIP.

As our systems are extremely flexible you can grow / shrink your VOIP system as needed, the number of handsets you can have is really unlimited. You can also retain your existing telephone numbers, of course we will help all the way through the transition of your new system and we can also give you extra numbers as required too.

There is always the question that we do get a lot – what if my internet goes off, will this affect my phone system? well the honest answer is yes but at GH Services we can make sure you get the right system for your setup and always setup a fall back system in case of these eventualities so you don’t need to worry about losing calls.

Our cloud based web portal really does it all and full training will be given so you can easily manage all your inbound routes, changes to your extensions, control all your systems features both at a business wide and user level and of course there is access to reporting too.

Unfortunately with VOIP/Cloud systems you can’t use your existing handsets but you can purchase phones or for a low monthly price rent the handsets from us.

Please call us for your requirements and we would be glad to explain more about our systems and design a solution that fully fits your business.

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