Business CCTV Installation

At GH Services we are very serious about the way we install items whether it be CCTV or Telephone systems, our Engineers are all SSAIB approved and install to NSI standards.

The CCTV Installation will always start with the mapping and design of the system, then we will book a time that suits yourself for installation, even out of hours if required so we do not disrupt your work day. We make sure that all wiring is discreet and extremely neat on all jobs we perform and make sure all cameras are positioned in areas so there are no black holes in the surveillance too. We will make sure the positioning of the main system is safe and secure so it cannot be stolen if you were to get broken into. Once all work is done we make sure your premises are left in a clean and tidy manner and will take all rubbish away for you too.

Once all of the above is complete we will do a full test of the system and then give you full training so you have a full understanding of the capabilities of the system and how to use it to its maximum potential too. We will leave you with instructions to use the system but if required you can always call our friendly team and we will always be available for any help you may require.